Telepathic Animal Commiunicator, Raphaela Pope
RAPHAELA POPE has been studying and practicing telepathic animal communication since the late 1970's, when she worked with renowned experts Penelope Smith and Linda Tellington-Jones. She has led seminars and workshops for over eighteen years and is co-author of the book, Wisdom of the Animals.
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"Animals are funny, smart, prescient, unpredictable, and extremely wise. I am grateful every single day for my ability to communicate with them."


Let's pretend your lovable, friendly family pet is driving you crazy. Perhaps your cat refuses to use the litter box. Or maybe your dog won't stop digging holes in the flower bed or barking at the neighbors. How do you resolve these problems when you obviously can't sit down and talk with your animal about the behavior? Some pet owners call someone who animal communicator Raphaela Pope. Talking to animals is more fun than you could ever imagine.
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Telepathic animal communication is a natural ability we are all born with. many children do it, but most of us give up this means of communication when we learn to speak because speaking gets more attention. In Raphaela Pope's workshops she will help you rekindle this ability again. Everyone who participates in Raphaela's workshops can have an authentic experience of telepathic animal communication and gain the skills to continue on their own.
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Reiki Treatment

Reiki is a healing art which originated in Tibet. Reiki is universal life energy. It can also be referred to a chi, prana, or life force, depending upon the frame of reference used. A Reiki treatment involves the transfer of a very gentle, soothing energy that promotes harmony, removes energy blockages, and improves balance, in both mind and body. Treatments can be done in person and hands-on, and even at a distance.
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"Raphaela's empathy and love for the animals is palpable, shining through her words and energy in sparkling light. She is also an admired leader among animal communicators, having taught and inspired many others."
⇢ Teresa Wagner, author of "Legacies of Love: A Gentle Guide to Healing from the Loss of Your Animal Loved One"

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