Telepathic Animal Commiunicator, Raphaela Pope

Reiki Treatment

REIKI is a healing art which originated in Tibet. Reiki is universal life energy. It can also be referred to a chi, prana, or life force, depending upon the frame of reference used.

A Reiki treatment involves the transfer of a very gentle, soothing energy that promotes harmony, removes energy blockages, and improves balance, in both mind and body. Treatments can be done in person and hands-on, and even at a distance.

Sometimes people / animals feel heat and / or vibration coming from the hands of the practitioner. There may be sensations in the part of the body to which the Reiki energy is flowing. Sometimes there are no physical sensations at all, but the recipient feels peaceful and relaxed. Many times I've been told that the animal curled up and slept both during and after the treatment.

Once I did a Reiki treatment on Abbie, a cat who had had a serious fall. It's hindquarters appeared paralyzed and he had spent five days under a bed since the fall. I did Reiki treatments daily for a week, by which time Abbie was walking all over the house. Katherine, his person, called several weeks later and said, "Abbie is running all over the house, he acts like he doesn't have a care in the world!"

sleeping cat

"Raphaela is a warm, caring advocate for animals. Many of my clients have used her skills as an animal communicator and are enjoying a better understanding of their pet' emotional and physical needs."
⇢ Dr. Doreen Hock, veterinarian

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