Telepathic Animal Commiunicator, Raphaela Pope

Arrange a Consultation

Call me at (425) 844-9079 to schedule a phone appointment. I check my phone messages more often than my email, so it is best to call. Leave your name and number and I will call back to schedule or confirm the time with you.

Then, at the appointed time call me at the above number for our appointment. I'll ask you for a good physical description of the animal and I also suggest that you have your questions jotted down before we start, as that keeps the consultation moving and keeps us on track.

I receive payment by credit card.
$60 for 1/2 hour
$90 for 3/4 hour
$120 for 1 hour.

You can do more than one animal in a session.

sleeping cat

"Raphaela's intuitive insights are imbued with healthy doses of warmth, compassion, humor, and empathy. There is no other explanation for the things she knows or for changes in my pets' behavior other than that her conversations with them are legitimate."
⇢ David A. Young, "The New Times"

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