Telepathic Animal Commiunicator, Raphaela Pope

Wisdom of the Animals book

Wisdom of the Animals bookWisdom of the Animals: Communication between Animals and the People Who Love Them

Book by Raphaela Pope & Elizabeth Morrison


If animals could talk, what would they say? In Wisdom of the Animals, animal communicator Raphaela Pope shares the remarkable dialogues she has had with her friends in the animal kingdom. This unique collection of stories will amaze and inspire anyone who loves animals - as the animals themselves speak about death, creativity, and humans.

You'll deepen your relationship with animals - and learn to communicate with them yourself - as Raphaela explains the art of animal communication. You'll develop your own telepathic ability as you learn to connect directly with the heart and mind of your own animals. In time you will discover the intelligence, humor, and good will of those wise beings we share our planet with.

Learn about these real life stories:

  • Benoji the cat explaining the mystique of black cats.
  • Theo the dog describes his previous life in Tibet.
  • Willie the horse and his Person learn how to communicate their needs to each other Animal communicators from around the country joining together to successfully warn 20,000 gray whales about threatening hunters.
  • Three caigues.....Petruccio, Nique, and Sancho.....explaining the differences between parrots and domestic animals
  • and many more!

Wisdom of the Animals is an entertaining, provocative look inside the lives of animals and their relationships with human beings. It will touch and inspire animal lovers everywhere.

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"Anyone who appreciates animals, anyone who has ever felt a connection to a favorite pet, will find a wealth of wisdom in this book. You'll never be able to look at animals in the same way, and you'll gain new insights into their behavior -- as well as your own!"
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