Telepathic Animal Commiunicator, Raphaela Pope

Tips for communicating

In Raphaela Pope's workshops, almost everyone who participates has an authentic experience of telepathic animal communication. Raphaela has written more advice and guidance on how you can telepathically communicate with your animal friends in chapter 8 of her book WISDOM OF THE ANIMALS.

1. Know very clearly within yourself that animals are equal beings, as sentient, divine, and evolved as we are.

2. Trust that you have the natural ability to communicate with animals, just as all people do.

3. Learn to listen with a quiet mind. Practicing meditation, spending time in nature, or doing spiritual discipline (such as Yoga or Qui-Gong) will help you develop an inner peace and quiet. This quality is essential to hearing animals speak.

4. Sit quietly with your animal and observe him or her gently. Clear your mind of any strong emotions or distracting thoughts and try not to impose and agenda on the animal.

5. Calmly project out a "Hello" or other greeting.

6. Sense, feel, or become aware of the greeting coming back to you.

7. Now send out your message, request, or question to the animal. You can do this in visual images or by describing what you want with words, just as if you were talking to a friend.

8. Again sense or feel a response coming back. Calmly gather the thought, feeling, physical sensation, image, or whatever comes to yourself.

9. When you are finished, thank the animal. Acknowledge their response, even if you are not sure you got it or completely understood it.

10. Understand that communicating telepathically with animals is easy and natural, but at the beginning it may seem partial, fleeting, or fragmentary. Do not give up. As you become more experienced, the communication will become deeper, more complete, and more satisfying.....for both you and the animal.

sleeping cat

"Raphaela's talent has been a great help to me. She has 'read' several of our cats, gathering information on their backgrounds and needs, so that we may better understand them and adopt them out to appropriate homes."
⇢ Robin Wood, Humane Society of Truckee, CA

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