Telepathic Animal Commiunicator, Raphaela Pope

Animal Communication

What do you mean by telepathic animal communication? Can you really talk to animals?

Yes I can, and so can you! It's a natural ability we are all born with. many children do it, but most of us give up this means of communication when we learn to speak because speaking gets more attention. As a child, I used to communicate telepathically with the baby calves on my uncle's farm. I stopped when my uncle, trying to be kind, told me the calves weren't really crying for their mothers even though I knew that they were. Once I gave it up, it took me thirty years to find that ability again. But I did, and now I talk to animals every day.

But it takes a very special person to do this, right?

Not at all! All it takes is someone willing to be quiet and to listen. We people like to talk a lot, but if we can learn to listen as well, especially to animals, we can learn a lot from them.

How do animals talk? Is it through body language?

No, I usually keep my eyes closed while communicating, even if the animal is in the same room. Telepathic communication is actually direct, mind-to-mind communication. Think of it like a radio that can be tuned to different stations if you have a properly equipped receiver. It doesn't matter whether the animal is in the same room, the same neighborhood, or even the same state. My reception is essentially the same.

The way telepathic communication works is quite simple. You send your thoughts to the animal, and the animal sends its thoughts back. You may receive these thoughts as feelings, pictures, images, or sometimes even words. Because communication from animals comes quitely into your mind, you may dismiss it as your imagination. But if your mind is truly quite and clear from distracting thoughts and emotions, what your are hearing will actually be messages from the animal.

Can you tell me how you got your telepathic ability back?

After taking a workshop on animal communication, I went home and tried talking with my dog, Petey. When I mentally asked him to show me if he could hear me, he walked over to me and put his paw in my lap. Of course, I was afraid it might be a coincidence, so I asked him to do it again. He did.....he also told me that he'd been trying to talk to me for nine years!

In your practice as an animal communicator; what kind of things do people usually want you to ask their animals?

The most common questions are about an animal's health. Most people want to know how their animal is feeling, if he or she feels pain, and what we can do to help. They may ask if a sick animal wants surgery or chemotherapy. They may ask if their animal friend wants euthanasia, which can be a great blessing because you learn whether an animal is ready to move on or wants to stay a little longer. Animals have a great deal of wisdom about death and a lot to teach us about acceptance. Their attitude is very calm and uplifting.

People also frequently ask about behavior problems, Why is the cat peeing in the closet? why does the dog growl or chew? and so on.

With questions like these, I usually ask the animal to explain its situation. there's almost always a very good reason behind the behavior. with better communication, these problems can generally be solved.

Do you work with vets?

Sometimes. I work with a few holistic vets who refer their patients to me and occasionally with other vets when everything else has been tried. I want to be clear, however, that I have no medical expertise. I do not diagnose or treat animals. What I can do is report what the animal has to say about its feelings and physical sensations, which can be a great relief to the animal and its owner.

How do I learn to communicate with animals? Can anyone learn?

Yes, anyone can learn; however, just like learning French or playing the piano, it comes more easily for some people than others. I lead a workshop where I teach people to communicate with their animals, and almost everyone who participates has an authentic experience of telepathic animal communication. Some people go on to use it daily and talk to their animals frequently. Others say, "Yes I can see this is possible, but it takes a lot of work, so I'm just going to call you when I need a consultation.". My book, WISDOM OF THE ANIMALS, contains an entire chapter on how to begin animal communication.

What do you like best about animal communication?

Talking to animals is more fun than you could ever imagine. Animals are funny, smart prescient, unpredictable, and extremely wise. I am grateful every single day for my ability to communicate with them.

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"Raphaela's intuitive insights are imbued with healthy doses of warmth, compassion, humor, and empathy. There is no other explanation for the things she knows or for changes in my pets' behavior other than that her conversations with them are legitimate."
⇢ David A. Young, "The New Times"

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